32 years ago

7 06 2010

I got my drivers licence today in 1978 after a course of lessons with Mr “AA” Watson. Muldoon was the Prime Minister. I was at Shirley Boys’ High School. I first drove on the road on my 15th birthday in my brother David’s Morris 1000. Dad let me drive on family outings for practice. It felt easy and still does. I love driving. Always have. Always will. Love road trips with the cruise control on, cornering with the ease that a safe car and experience gives you. I drive safe and I enjoy it. All we ever hear nowadays is about the things that go wrong on the road. For me many things go right. I reckon that the highways are far better now than in 1978. Took my Mum and Dad to Rotorua with my son Tim for the Marathon last month. Beautiful drive on great highways. Perfect New Zealand scenery. Even driving in the city is great. I’m patient, used to being late so I relax and take in what’s around. It’s like being in a perpetual movie. Thanks Mr Watson. I reckon I’ve driven about 600000 km. And I’ve enjoyed it. When I stop and park, thanks to you I can reverse in like no-one can. You gave me the angle and I still got it man! Once a man in Mission Bay came over to shake my hand having watched three other motorist try and take a park, and give up. Ha. Gotta go, my car’s all gassed up ready to go!



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7 06 2010
Lyn H

Now a Morris 1000 – thats a very cool car to drive in!!!! Strong tough and reliable and easy to fix – if you know how !! :o)

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